You Have Permission

Most people are helpful.  Some of us helpful to a point where we put our own needs very far down on the priority list.  The needs of others in our lives outweigh our own needs.  This is for the greater good and helping other though right.  Kids, spouse, co workers, bosses, I'll get to me this weekend...if i have time...That is not ok!

In law enforcement we talk about our list of priorities during a critical incident like an active shooter.  It goes in this order:

1.Victims/Hostages/Bystanders  2. Police/1st Responders 3. Suspects/Bad Guys  4. Property.  Notice that the first responders are prioritized relatively high on this list.  This is not because they believe themselves to be more important than anyone else below them but it is because if the first responders to the incident become casualties then there are no more people to help the victims and everyone dies.

The same goes for every aspect of life.  This happens so often with parents not wanting to schedule time at the gym for themselves because they have to care for the kids or work overtime to make some extra cash to pay tuition get the idea.  If you are needed in your life to help provide care for another person and at the same time allow yourself to be run down to poor health there will come a time when because of this you will no longer be able to provide that care to the person or people you value so much and will end up failing both them and yourself!

So right now I am giving you permission to prioritize yourself higher on your own list!  It makes that person or people the reason you are training rather than the excuse not to train.  It is not selfish to schedule time for your own health.  It is setting a good example for those around you whether that be kids, parents, co workers or anyone in between.  You have my permission now do you have your own? Make it happen.