Avoid Passive Negativity

It is often said that we are the sum of the 5 people we are around most.  This is absolutely a true statement.  When you spend time with a person they begin to rub off on you. You begin to develop some patterns of behavior similar to that person.  You can't help it.  That is just how socialization occurs.  Now think about the 5 people you are around most.  Who are they?  Ok now think about how much time you have spent with those people versus how much time you have spend on social media. Many of us are on facebook, twitter, instragram and the like for hours a day.  This can do good and bad things.

Social media exposes us to all kinds of people.  Those who motivate us and those who...don't...to put it mildly.  Just like your real life friends, your social media friends will also have an impact on you.  I call this passive impact of social media and this can be positive or negative. If your facebook feed is filled with positive uplifting messages and thoughts from people you are friends with and follow odds are you will also have a better attitude.  Conversely if you follow a bunch of angry, jaded, jerks that only foster whining and crying, guess what,  you'll find yourself less happy in the near future.

Long story short we are effected by those around us in person and virtually.  Just like any media you absorb it does impact you whether you realize it or not.  My rule is if I see a post from a person and it gives me anxiety or any negative feelings more than once I remove that person from my feed.  Since doing that I honestly sleep much better without absorbing passive negativity.  Surround yourself with positivity and you will be much more likely to reach beyond scope of your comfort and also help motivate and inspire rather than tear down and belittle.  Stay positive!