Leave the Chores at Home

A Chores are synonymous with work, but with crappy work that you don’t want to do because it sucks.  Cleaning things and rooms that you know will be trashed again in a matter of hours.  Unless of course you have a nanny or man servant which in that case this entire blog will be lost on you…anyway…day to day work that is dreadful at best.

Leave that at home!  Do not make your workout a chore.  Fitness and training is too important and it is too much fun to make into an hours that you dread on a daily basis.  If you begin to dread it it will go from a daily hour you dread to a semi daily hour you really dread to a once monthly hour and so on until your done completely.

Make it fun.  Figure out what your reinforcement is for making it fun and seek it out continually.  Fun things, people are events or places you seek out often.  Make it fun. Compete daily, push yourself and set goals and remember there are two types of people in the world those that have fun lifting weights and those that haven’t figured it out yet.  Have fun and you will be more fit.