More Than Deadlifts and Slayer

As an affiliate owner it becomes very  hard to see things at your gym from a detached perspective.  I was shocked to hear her say that she met a gentleman from another gym who said ” You are from Tactical Strength?   I think it is funny that you listen to Slayer and lift so heavy.”

I find this both amusing and awesome as well as slightly upsetting.  First of all let me get this out.  Slayer is awesome, and yes we do lift heavy often.  With that said we are not back squatting while puking and bleeding all over the place while listening to crazy Scandinavian deathcore!!!  We are CrossFit which means constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.  WE squat often but stay away from replicating the same lift more than 1 time in an 8 week cycle.  What we do is teach movement.

We teach our athletes the hows and whys NEEDED to move themselves most efficiently and to develop a mindset that will promote long term gains and sustainable longevity.  Again, we do this through constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.  This also applies to our music selection.

While I will typically put a genre of music that fits the type of work being done in the class we do listen to a solid blend of all different types of music.  I do have to say Kesha is a mainstay on the radio believe it or not. So do we listen to Slayer and do heavy ass squats?  YUP!  We also listen to the Beastie Boys and crank out burpees and pullups.  Regardless of what we are doing or what is on the radio you can count on us doing the movements in progressions and with safe, sustainable technique.  Great work on “Murph” this weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow.