Why Am I So Sore!?

“I think there is something wrong.  I have never been this sore before.  I think I might be hurt.  I’ll take the rest of the week off from the gym and get back at it in week or so when I start to feel better.”  Ever heard or said something like this when starting a fitness routine?  This is typical and a classic mistake.  Here is how things typically role when kicking off a new fitness plan.

You will feel great directly after the workout and that will carry you through to the next day.  After that you will start to get slightly tight then a little sore.  By 48 hours you will most likely start to really feel the soreness set in.  This is normal.  You are embarking on new movements at a higher level of intensity than you are accustomed to.  It is normal.  stretch, eat, drink plenty of water and most importantly get back to the gym!  The best way to flush this soreness is to move.  Your body adapts to things incredibly fast and the soreness will fade soon.

Trust the system in place and know that it is normal and the severity of the level of being sore will diminish IF training is continued on a regular schedule.  Consistency is once again the key.  Without it training becomes a vicious cycle of going hard to make up for lost time, getting INSANELY sore, limping around for 5-7 days trying to recover, missing training sessions due to soreness, and then being further behind when you enter the cycle in a week.

Be consistent and do NOT let this happen.  Ease into this intensity and be smart and a regular face in the gym regardless of how sore you are.  If a full workout is not in the cards because you are easing into it that is fine and often times smart but get in and get tips on stretching and recovery.  Coaches are there for more than just putting you through the paces of the workout.  They will guide you through everything fitness related and keep you on the right path towards progress.  Keep working and follow your plan and results will happen soon.