How To Lose 15 Pounds of Body Fat in 90 Days

Losing weight is a very common goal for many people.  Odds are, you want to do it the right way, through a healthy processes that is rapid but safe.   

The first thing to do is define the difference between weight loss and fat loss.  

Lose Body Fat, not Scale Weight

Losing weight can be tricky if you are just looking at the scale.  Water weight can throw off your scale weight on a daily basis, as it comes off easy and goes back on just as easily.  

We want to create permanent change through fat loss, ignoring the scale in favor of bodyfat measurement So if I weigh 200lbs and have a body fat percentage of 25% that means I have 50lbs of fat on my frame.  Of that 50 pounds I would be looking to shed approximately 16 pounds to bring me to a healthy number of 17% body fat as a male.  Females would be looking for an optimal percentage of between 20-25%.  In these ranges visually you’ll see visible abdominals but not be uber shredded.  Additionally you will have an increase in strength and endurance during your workouts.

Just Eat Real Food  

Look at your food like a budget.  What are you actually eating?  Chances are some of it is filler that can be thrown out right now.  Any processed snack food (ie, anything that needs to be unwrapped) can be thrown in the trash today as it is not real food and most likely contains many ingredients that are known to keep you fat and probably cause cancer!  Additionally anything that contains white flour and anything cooked in low quality oils like vegetable and canola oils for the same reason as listed above.  

Use the Booze, You Lose

Alcohol is catabolic and destroys muscle growth and recovery.  Now before you stop reading just know that we are all adults and can make grown up decisions about all of these lifestyle choices but it is important to understand facts.   It also messes with your sleep and throws off you hormones all of which will cause increased body fat.  If you must drink, make a choice that is at least gluten free like a cider, wine or clear liquor limiting intake to 1-2 drinks per week.  Remember all alcohol is, is sugar and increased sugar intake equals increased body fat.  

Eat This Not That

It isn’t all about restricting and eating less.  Once you identify the food that are no good and cut them out you must then add something good back in to replace it.  This is not about starving yourself but making better choices.  The easiest thing to add in is good quality fats.  Put coconut oil on everything, add in avocados and grass fed butter.  Fats will keep you fuller for longer and you won’t feel hungry as often.  Also since we took out white flour we can add in sweet potato.  Sweet potato can be put with about every meal in place of flour and grains like wheat.  

Get Physical

Now that diet is in check the next thing is increasing activity.  Get out and move.  Join a gym, play a sport, go for walks with your dog take the stairs at work or whatever you need to get blood flowing and calories burning.  When you do put a workout routine together focus on compound lifts like squats and presses rather than smaller movements like curls and calf raises.  This gets more muscle groups firing and more overall strength.  

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Before any of this happens it is just as important to understand why you are doing it.  Understanding why you want or need to lose 15 pounds of body fat.  Did your doctor tell you to lose weight because of health reasons?  Is the mirror telling you age is creeping in and your metabolism isn’t what it used to be?  Is it a desire to regain some of the strength and physique of a few years ago?  We all want to look better and feel better but we need to understand why or this desire may fade and the fat will stay.  

Get a Team

It is a lot harder to skip the gym when I have friends waiting for me there and calling me out when I don’t show up or get the large milkshake at lunch.  Having a group to stay accountable to always helps!   CrossFit gyms around the world have build many great communities of support for each other in an incredibly positive way.  They also provide the program necessary to achieve the physical changes you are looking for.  

Key Steps

Making these critical changes will ensure success:

  1. Replace your empty calories: Choose foods with high nutrient density, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.
  2. Increase your activity level: Join in a group sport or find a gym that meets your needs.
  3. Get a Team behind you:  Keep focused on your toughest days (and celebrate on your best ones) with a group of likeminded people.

How to Get Help with your Goal

If you’d like help losing body fat and becoming healthy, consider joining CrossFit Tactical Strength.  We offer a free coach-led session (with no obligation and no strings attached) several times a week to help you determine if we’re the right gym for your needs.

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