Why Is CrossFit So Expensive? Here is What You Get!

When looking at a fitness program or comparing anything it is immensely important that you are comparing apples to apples.  The product has to be comparable in terms of the service.  

If you are looking at products based on price and there is a drastic price difference then you need to simply ask why?  Why is the YMCA or Max Fitness a fraction of what it costs to join CrossFit?  Simple, you are paying for a room of stuff and that is it.  You pay 20-80(ish) dollars a month for a room of stuff.  No program, no coaching, and a bunch of people you try to avoid talking to on a daily basis.  I know I've done it, we all have!  

When you buy into a CrossFit facility you are paying for the following items:

1: A room full of stuff.  Yes we also have a room of stuff but stuff that is designed for compound multi joint large movements able to be move explosively and geared at building strength.  Not a large room of Nautilus machine that no one is quite sure on how to use or why it is there. 

2:  A Program.  Each and every time you enter a CrossFit gym you are getting a program.  A well thought out program that is designed by a coach seasoned in strength and conditioning.  This alone is something that people often pay upwards of 150$/month just to access group programming.  

3: A Coach.  This is the big one!  Every single time you enter a CrossFit gym you have a personal trainer.  Every time!  Someone not just to start a clock for you either.  You have someone there to make sure you are doing the movements correctly, safely and with the intensity necessary for you to achieve your goals.  

4:  A Community.  Saved the Best for Last.  CrossFit also comes with a group of the most driven, coolest, funniest and overall best people I have ever been around from all walks of life.  CEO's to mom's.  Lawyers to priests. Everyone is there killing it and supporting each other.  Cheering for you in your triumphs and supporting you with you struggles.    

I challenge you to go to any other type of fitness facility and ask for a product that includes all of the above listed items.  You would be looking at 500-1000$ monthly!  So is CrossFit expensive?  Well it just depends on what you want to buy?  If you want a room of stuff yes it is but it is SO much more than that.  So make sure you are comparing apples to apples when picking a gym.  

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