Make Yourself a Hard Target

When you hear the term hard target a few things come to mind.  The first is that it is maybe the best Jean-Claude Van Damme films of all time and if you do not know about it check it out here!   Hard Target .  OK now that you are familiar with the movie lets talk about what it actually is to be a hard target.  

Being a Hard Target:

This means that you exude confidence, strength, and send a message to the people around you that you are a force to be reckoned with.  Now this may or may not mean that you are physically intimidating.  What it does mean is that you send signals that you are not an easy victim to others in any setting.  This could be walking to your car, having a confrontational meeting at work, or buying a used car.  The more signals of confidence and strength you give off you are more likely not be screwed with.  

The Body:

Like anything else strength and confidence have to be trained.  We do this at CrossFit Tactical Strength through training our bodies to be physically strong.  If you look in shape, and ready for anything, as training at our gym does, than you are much less likely to be a person who gets victimized in any aspect of your life.  

The Mind/Will/Spirit:

Not only do the crushing training sessions train your body to look like you mean business but also trains your will to push through pain and to know that no matter what you will not quit and no amount of pain will be something that will slow you down.  Again this is not just in the gym.  This mindset, when trained, will carry over to your life outside the 4 walls of the gym.  

Skill and Technique:

Now when you begin training you can make up for a large deficiency of skill and technique by simply being aggressive and going hard.  With that said it is extremely important not rely solely on strength speed and aggression.  This is for working with a barbell as well as training in things like self defense, Krav Maga and other martial arts.  You need the skills as well!  That is why we work with empty bars for so long when Olympic Weightlifting.  

Defending Yourself:

Truly being ready to defend yourself or your loved ones from an attack you need to have all of these aspects in line.  You can be as strong as you can be but an attacker will have the drop on you and your strength will be able to be marginalized or worse.  Mindset alone will also not be enough.  Even with an iron will to win at all cost without some type of strength and skill behind it, it means absolutely nothing in a fight.  Likewise strength and skill with no heart or determination will get you nowhere.  

Putting It Together:

Find a place that you can train all aspects of yourself.  At CrossFit Tactical Strength we train our bodies and push ourselves to new limits continually.  We also have in the same location Ascent Krav Maga which will teach the skills and specific pieces of becoming a hard target much in the same vein that CrossFit does but honing skills and drills that will develop you differently at the same time.  

We are proud to be hosting two amazing seminars which will cover all of these topics and more.  Jen Gleed Krav Maga Black Belt of American Krav Maga is coming to town and hosting a Women's Only self Defense course.  This will run April 22, 2017 from 9am-noon and will cover things from striking to presenting yourself as a hard target to potential attackers.  Cost is only 30$ before April 7th so GET ON IT!!! REGISTER HERE!!!  Space is at a premium so don't miss out.

Jen is also hosting a ground fighting specific course being held later that same day from 2pm-5pm.  Almost all fights end up on the ground so if you don't have the skills necessary to survive you won't!  Get REGISTERED HERE!  Cost is only 35$ before April 7th.  

Take advantage of the resources and people around you, become a hard target!