The Analogy of the Green Band...Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Coach: "Hey you are doing great with those pullups on the green band.  Lets go with the blue mini band today.

Athlete: "uuuummmmm, I tried that last week and I can only do 1 or 2 and then can't do anymore."

Coach: "Ok lets load it up and see what things look like with it."

Athlete: Loads the rig with a band and proceeds to complete 1 or 2 pullups and fail numerous subsequent attempts.  "See I can't do it with the blue.  I'll stick with the green band."

Now a good coach would never let that scenario happen but you get the idea.  (Especially at CrossFit Tactical Strength as we don't use band assisted pullups with progression.)  The athlete here has developed a serious comfort zone with a green band to assist with pullups.  We need to push out of that zone if we want to continue to grow and develop.  If not the athlete will be on a green band until they decide that CrossFit is no longer for them and they quit.  In CrossFit and in life we all have our proverbial "green bands".  The trick is to find out what those are and push outside of that box.

Pushing outside your comfort zone is scary.  That is why you need a plan and help.  Doing things alone is even more frightening and less apt to be successful.  The good news with being part of a CrossFit community is that the help is right there already!  All you have to do is ask or be open to the coaching that you are already paying for.  Either way the support and plan is at your finger tips.  Have goals and if you don't know how to plan goals ask someone for help to make them.

Personal growth comes outside your comfort zone.  This term is widely accepted as truth but is very hard to put into practice for ourselves.  Think about your past.  Any past successful experience has started with getting out of your comfort zone.  For most people just coming into a CrossFit gym is a step outside their comfort zone to say the least.

Once we take that leap and get outside our small circle of safety we begin to grow in both physical and mental strength.  However like all things at some point the gains and learning slow, stop, or even begin to backslide.  All this means is that we have created another comfort zone.  We have to always be breaking through barriers to grow and that means pushing through our comfort zones but that also means we have to identify our comfort zone is.

After CrossFitting for several months the gains may slow down and the honeymoon is over.  This is different for everyone.  For some it is a few months for some it is a few years but we all get there.  When this happens, get with a coach and evaluate everything.  Diet, movements, intensity, and anything else you can think of to kick start training back into high gear.

At that point odds are that you have now developed a new comfort zone.  Now normal is coming in doing a warm up, skill or strength session, hitting a 5-20 minute met con, falling down on the floor and drinking a protein shake afterwards.  You have a new set of friends you have made and you are used to the coaching styles at your gym.  You are comfortable there now.  Time to push outside that box again and find that new "green band".

CrossFitters use the term get comfortable being uncomfortable often, but when you really look at that if you are ever comfortable in an uncomfortable spot you are doing something wrong.  When things or situations are uncomfortable you should know how to respond to that feeling but never be comfortable there.  Get off the green band and start doing pullups.  You are strong enough already now just believe that and push beyond comfort.

The challenge for the next 90 days for everyone reading this is to get yourself or someone you know to get a pullup or muscle up.  Get them off of that "green band".  Maybe all they needed was a push out of their comfort zone.  Be that positive force to help make people better and stronger.  Remember being scared and having a little anxiety isn't always a bad thing.  Be afraid but push through the fear and if things were easy anyone would do it.  Now ditch that green band and lets get that pullup!