Loading Sequence

It is important to remember sequence to loading and how that relates to irritating muscle and connective tissue.  Loading the bicep first will create issues with the bicep tendon being over worked and pissed off.  The same goes for the knees when the quads are over worked and overloaded.  Load the hamstring to avoid overloading the quads and that will build the gleuts and stay off the knees avoiding things like patellar tendonitis.  The same goes for loading the lats.  If you load your lats first you will not load as much tension on your biceps which will help should pain and instability.  Use your posterior chain both in your upper and lower body.  

Met Con:

For Time:
Row 1000m then,
3 Rounds of
15 SDHP 75/45
15 Push Press 75/45
15 Air Squats