First Workout

First Workout

Watching today’s CrossFit Journal video (link above) on First Workouts conjured up a lot of memories for me. We have vivid memories of many things.  Most of them are firsts.  First time at a new school,  first kiss, first  day at a new job.  In law enforcement we all remember our first run we get dispatched to as a rookie.  CrossFit is no different.  We all remember our first workout.

CrossFitters like me that have been doing CrossFit for over 4 years have much more interesting stories around our first WODs.  There were not near the amount of affiliates and in Fort Wayne we had zero.  I began teaching myself.  My first WOD was “Fran”, the one and only 21-15-9 reps for time of pull ups and thrusters 95lbs.  I was training at that time at the Parkview hospital fitness center which consisted of mostly elderly clients and also many pulmonary patients from the hospital doing rehab there.  So needless to say I did NOT fit in!

I set up my weights and waited for the guy doing bicep curls on the cable crossover machine to get out of my way so I could use the only pullup station that was also attached to that apparatus.  I set off on my trek to complete this WOD thinking how easy it looked.  15-20 mins later I finished and it was easy.  I failed to understand the point was to move fast.  I guess I misunderstood what “for time” meant.  I just glided through it and that was that.

Later that day I began doing more research on the main page as to what and how to do these WODs.  I discovered that I was an absolute moron and did not come close to doing it the right way.  I had to go back for more.  The next day I went back to the fitness center, set up the bar, waited for the cable crossover to free up and 3,2,1 go hit the start for the watch and off I went.  7:39 seconds later my head was pounding, side was aching, and didn’t know whether to go outside and throw up or just sit down before I passed out.  I had not felt anything like that since the last 400m race I ran in college.

I never looked back and have been CrossFitting since that point.  I have learned a lot about fitness, health and community as well as a million other things.  CrossFit shows the true colors of who you are.  It allows for self reflection and to really find out what you are made of both mentally and physically.  It allows for all groups of people to come together to celebrate what we can accomplish with a will and a barbell.  I am honored that I get to continue this journey with you at CrossFit Tactical Strength and share my experience in this arena both good and bad and everything in between.  Thank you all!

Train hard, Stay safe


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