Move with Purpose

Fort Wayne’s Premier
CrossFit Facility

At CrossFit Tactical Strength, we help you move with purpose – toward your goals and a better life. If you want to be healthier, stronger, leaner, faster, or just feel better in your everyday activities, we’ll make sure you get there. You bring your determination, and we’ll supply the rest.

We teach movement! The results you’re looking for are a direct result of how you move in the gym, and we don’t let you waste any time (or risk getting injured) by moving improperly. New members are consistently blown away by the improved level of coaching and education they receive here versus their previous gyms.

In our gym, you’ll always feel supported, welcomed, and encouraged no matter what level of athlete you are. We have members of all shapes, sizes, ages and ability levels accomplishing amazing things with us. And you’re next. Sign up for your free intro session now.

Your only limit is you

Ready. Set. GO!

Our Facility

CrossFit Tactical Strength’s 8,000-square-foot facility is the largest open gym space in town. No more bumping into your neighbors or tripping over weight racks here!

Inside our walls, you’ll find everything you need to get a stellar workout cleverly designed as a great time. We keep our wide assortment of top-of-the-line CrossFit equipment meticulously clean and organized, because clutter is the enemy of a clear mind. We also have a fun childcare room, so using your kids as an excuse to not get to the gym is no longer an option. Click the button below to take a photo tour of CrossFit Tactical Strength now.

  • I have been training here a little over a year. I had tried the "at home/DVD" workouts, and while those are fine, I was missing the push one gets from a team. This place is just like being on the best team. They push, support and encourage. Great atmosphere and staff!

    Nathan Roach

  • Best gym ever! You will get more one on one with coaches. Coaches will teach you proper techniques to lifting and moving. You will not only get a great workout, but make great friends along the way that will encourage you to be a better you!

    Mary Huis

  • I've been involved in CrossFit for several years. I've been through level 1 and 2 certifications and coached for 2 years. This gym is top notch. Excellent attention to detail. Culture is great. Childcare is offered for several classes a day. This place is training done right.

    Jeff Pierce